Readers Theater

Readers-Theater-04.pngReaders Theater is a multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary way to teach literacy skills that works especially well with bilingual students. This program has students reading – and even reading aloud – in a way that is neither intimidating nor frightening. Research has shown that repeated and monitored oral reading improves reading fluency and overall reading achievement. Students are each assigned a character role in an award-winning children’s story that has been turned into a play. These plays are intentionally given built-in mechanisms that help students read better, and students are encouraged to read their parts with expression and enthusiasm. Assuming a role compels students to work more closely with the text to interpret and project meaning into the experience. However, they also feel safe because “they” are not the ones reading out loud ─ it’s their character. As a result, students show improvement in vocabulary, comprehension, and retention. In connection with each story/play, activities connect the story with STEM learning. For example, if the story is about a bicycle, there may be a lesson about how gears work, or if the story is about the sea, an oceanography lesson will be incorporated.

Our Goals

  • To help students engage more authentically by providing the means to make stories come alive!
    • Readers Theater has been expanded to include costumes and props to enhance the students’ ability to fully inhabit the characters and stories. 
    • Creative projects are provided to supplement each story as well as music materials and activities. 
  • Through this hands on, multi-sensory approach, Readers Theater hopes to foster a love of reading and storytelling in students and their communities that will continue throughout their lives.
  • Students using a math curriculum enhanced by the excitement and engagement created by hands-on activities and building projects.