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Community Outreach

We love to take STEM education into the community! We provide STEM activities for field trips, community groups, school Math and Science Nights and family events.

Please click on the "Outreach Request Form" button below to send a request to our office for participation in your campus field trip, at your school’s science or math night, or to check out our planetarium. We would appreciate at least one month’s notice, but the more advance notice you give us, the more likely we will be available to assist with your outreach event.

Scroll down for more information on our outreach activities.

Outreach Request Form

Field Trips

Most Common Activities

Teaches coding and concepts using small robots. Kids can use different colored markers, stickers, or pre-made cards to make a path that the robot will follow. They can modify the different color patterns of the path to change how the robot behaves when it crosses different colors. Different robotic activities for every age-appropriate group • Cubettos: K-1st • Ozobots: 2nd-8th • Spheros: 1st-8th • Raspberry Pi: 8th-12th

3D Doodlers
Students will get to use hand held 3D printer pens.  They can use stencils to re-create famous buildings or bridges.  They can also just freehand design their own objects.  Introduces ideas like conception, planning ahead, critical thinking, and what to do if things don’t go as planned.

Circuit Scribe
Gets students thinking about electricity and how electric current flows within our electronics. They use pens with conductive ink to draw circuits and then have to use magnetic parts to connect the patterns they draw. The magnetic connectors can be battery power, LED’s, resistors, or small speakers.

The space is a large room that offers different programs of study; using computers that engage students to learn and create with the latest technology.  Different things we do in the Tech Center include: • Flight Simulation  • Programming using Python  • ZSpace 3D Science • Virtual Reality                                                                                         

A visual experience that explores various aspects of space. It is an inflatable theater with a 360 degree projector that offers a unique experience normally reserved for large museum planetariums. This is set up in the foyer of O’Donnell Hall on campus.  For on-site requests, we will determine if there is space available with the required dimensions. PLEASE NOTE: Staff is available for a maximum of 3 hours, which includes 1 hour of set up/take down of the planetarium. You must have a space at least 20’W x 20’L x 10’H in order to accommodate the planetarium. 


Other Activities
Stomp Rockets, Squishy Circuits, Paper Airplane Making, Botley Robots, STEM Learning Lab, and many more!

For questions, please contact John Church at


Community School Events

The STEM Outreach Center partners with local public schools to support their onsite school events. These events promote STEM education and recognize and celebrate students. Families are invited to these events to celebrate their children’s personal and academic growth.

Examples of community/school events include:

  • Math/Science & Literacy Nights
  • Meet & Greet
  • Open House
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Planning Sessions
  • Planetarium
  • Weekend Workshops


Family Events

Family Events




Our 1st Annual Southern NM STEM Fest was a huge success! The first Southern New Mexico STEM Fest, in April 2105, opened the door of STEM to more than 1,600 community members of all ages! “The goal of the STEM Fest was to promote and celebrate STEM as a community,” said Nicole Delgado, assistant director of STEM outreach programs at New Mexico State University. “The areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics play a critical role in our everyday lives but more importantly, they encourage discovery.” Delgado also said, “These subjects have the potential to spark curiosity and inquiry if done in an engaging way. The STEM Outreach Center wants to involve the public and showcase the many wonderful things that are happening in our community with regard to STEM through community outreach events such as the STEM Fest.” There were over 30 STEM booths at the STEM Fest that showcased afterschool programs and community activities facilitated through STEM Outreach Center at NMSU; classroom activities that highlight the successes of STEM education led by teachers within LCPS and GISD; NMSU departments and partners highlighting STEM as a college and career pathway; community organizations that encourage conservation and awareness of the region’s natural resources; and emergency response personnel that taught the public about safety.