Mission Statement

Our mission at the STEM Outreach Center is to build a NMSU K-16 pipeline Outreach Program by reaching out to school districts, educators, families, community agencies, and higher education institutions.

The STEM Outreach Center Framework supports STEM education within the College of Health, Education Social Transformation (HEST) and partner districts. The Out-of-School Time programs offer accessibility for under-represented students in rural and isolated areas to explore STEM from an early age; Professional Learning programs such as MC² and EMSS build capacity in math and science education focused on research-based practices; the NMC3 project builds a network and support for teachers, families, and caregivers by providing technology, pedagogy, and community resources. Partnerships are also important in amplifying the impact that our Center has in providing knowledge and expertise in a way that is inclusive of all stakeholders.

Outreach and research is woven within all of our programs to provide high quality work and inform effectiveness and accessibility for all students in New Mexico.  

Wanda Bulgar-Tamez, Director

Partnerships are important in amplifying the impact that our Center has in providing knowledge and expertise in a way that is inclusive of all stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in actively engaging teachers, administrators, families, and local agencies in building a community that fosters positive development and a safe environment for all students.

Dr. Wanda Bulgar-Tamez — Program Director


active partnerships

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Sara Morales, Associate Director

Serving New Mexico’s children and youth is our priority. We seek to create “A-Ha!” moments, to spark the imagination, and to inspire today’s investigators to become tomorrow’s innovators.

I invite you to see our programs in action and connect with us as we transform the lives of young children.

Sara Morales — Associate Director


K-12 students served per year

Explore our STEM Curriculum

We provide high-quality, innovative Out-of-School-Time programs to K-12 students and educators. We design academic and enrichment curricula that nurtures 21st Century skills in science, technology, engineering, math, literature, and creative arts.

Afterschool Programs

We love to take STEM education into the community! We provide STEM activities for field trips, community groups, and school Math and Science Nights. We also have supplies and resources that teachers can check out for use in your classroom.


We offer summer and school-break camps at NMSU for K-12 students. STEM Outreach Camps offer exciting and hands-on learning experiences on a variety of STEM topics from drones to Esports and AI to space exploration.


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