Family Resources

Resources for families to continue STEM exploration and learning together.

Family Resources

Below are some fun, ready to go games and activities in a variety of subjects for all ages.

  10 Easy Dinners Kids can Help Make - Easy recipes to make as a family  

7 Family Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Different scavenger hunt ideas to do as a family.

20 Activities for Parent-Child Bonding - It is important to spend time with your children – not just when they are small, but also in their teenage years. This article gives activity ideas for parents to do with their children. 

20 Indoor Games to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day - A list of the best indoor games you haven't already tried. 

26 Crafts for Elementary School Kids - DIY projects to do with elementary students.

50 Ways to Get Through Coronavirus Cabin Fever - List of activities for kids and families to do while at home.

50 DIY Activities for Kids - DIY projects for kids and families to do while at home.

Hand Washing Activities - Hand washing is the best defense against germs, bacteria and viruses that cause illness and infection. Children often don’t take the time to wash their hands properly. Make it fun for them by using games, songs and more.

60+ Best Math Websites - A We Are Teachers cultivated group of websites that has math tools for everyone and grade levels k-12. The focus of the cultivated sites are for parents and students to explore the contents together. 

Best Science Websites for Middle and High School - A We Are Teachers cultivated group of websites focusing on science in grades 6-12. The focus on the majority of the pages is for students to explore the sites and learn about a wide range of science topics.

Erintigration-Tech Integration Blog - Experienced teacher posts her blog here encouraging parents and educators to use her tech. Suggestions and educational resources for free to have fun with your kids at home.

Funology - Offers parents and teachers a wealth of resources to educate and entertain your little explorers.

Library Thing - LibraryThing is now free to all, with no more membership fees or limits. So many people are stuck at home, with nothing to do but catalog their books. And everyone is worried about money. So the company is going free. A free website to catalog your books at home and find new books to read with your family. Excellent literacy articles and more!

Nature Ninos - Nature Ninos is a free website branch division of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. Here, parents and students can find recorded videos of nature science topics and wildlife activities for young ones. Every week, beginning in April until the foreseeable future, parents can register their child for online wildlife activities or take part in weekly nature challenges posted online. This is an excellent resource for students to get to know the world around them here in NM and for parents/guardians to learn more about wildlife conservation in NM. 

Open Culture - Free educational resources such as home schooling resources during COVID-19, video lessons, apps, books websites and more. 

Pop Sugar Educational Resources for Parents - This website provides 45 different educational websites that parents can access for there children while school is closed. This is geared towards children in elementary school K-5. It lists a lot of fun indoor activities that might engage the children other than just playing video games or watching tv.

Science Buddies - Hands-on science resources for home and school science fair projects, project guides, project kits and detailed profiles of STEM careers.

Scrap Coloring - A website with coloring activities for kids to engage in art. All Grades

The Global Oneness Project - Website compiles educational lesson plans and concepts for teachers, parents, students and anyone interested in a variety of STEM and cultural threads. Free membership, webinars, articles, story libraries, etc.

50 Best Podcasts for Kids and Teens in 2023 - We Are Teachers asked teachers to share their favorites and compiled this list. 

161 Science Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now - (No membership required) Enriching documentaries available to watch instantly without a membership. Just click the links and press play. You can also find them on the free PBS Video app on your favorite devices.

Educational Movies on Disney+ - Various educational movies to watch on Disney+ if you already have a subscription. 

YouTube Kids - YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more contained environment that makes it simpler and more fun for them to explore on their own, and easier for parents and caregivers to guide their journey as they discover new and exciting interests along the way.