Supporting and Strengthening School Communities


The Collaborative support by teachers, families, and caregivers who established effective online and remote learning for PreK-12 students and assists their technical, pedagogical, and emotional needs. 

You're invited to watch the recorded sessions addressing needs around Social Emotional, Technology, and Math/Language Arts Support, facilitated by NMSU faculty and staff, and by NM Outreach specialists and educators.

The NMC³ project reflects partnerships between NMSU Outreach Programs such as the College of EducationCollege of Arts and Sciences, and College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences-Cooperative Extension Service (ACES); NM school districts; the NM Public Education Department (PED); and community agencies such as Ngage NMFamilies & Youth, Inc. (FYI), and the  NM Regional Education Cooperatives Association (RECs).

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NMC3 Partners

The NMC3 offered diverse learning experiences to empower schools in fostering engaged learning in tech-based environments. Through online and community workshops, tech support, hotlines, and tutorials, parents and teachers receive comprehensive support. Available statewide, partners ensure local assistance and face-to-face support when safe, enhancing capacity for effective learning.

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NMC3 Team

NMC3's dynamic team is dedicated to empowering learning in tech-based environments across New Mexico. With diverse expertise, we collaborate to create innovative experiences for children. From educators to tech specialists, each member contributes to nurturing effective learning. Together, we empower communities with the tools for engaged and relevant education.

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NMC3's Goals

  • 1

    PreKindergarten-12th grade instructional providers/educators will be proficient in providing quality remote and online learning experiences for all students using the Universal Design for Learning Principles.

  • 2

    Parents, families, caregivers, and students will confidently engage with and gain skills in remote and online learning, including the technological and pedagogical aspects of a fully online or hybrid model.

  • 3

    Community organizations will create sustainable strategic partnerships to leverage resources and collaborate to ensure all communities and families have access to equitable quality education in New Mexico.

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