Student Resources

Resources for students to continue their STEM exploration and learning.

Student Resources

Below are some fun, ready to go games and activities in a variety of subjects for all grades.

STEM+ Academy activities you can do at home!

Go STEM Wild! - Learn all about the wildlife in New Mexico through these wild activities!

SEL Silly Safari - A fun Social-Emotional Learning board-game for the whole family.

Space STEM Workbook - Hands-on, space-themed activities to challenge and engage your brain.

STEM Eats Workbook - Food is a science! Make these 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1 ingredient recipes at home!

STEM Superheroes - Meet our STEM Superheroes and join on their adventures by doing these fun activities.

STEM Wellness Tracker - Use this stationary to help track your exercise skills to keep up your strength and flexibility

Work from Home Briefcase - All the tools you need to help you become the CEO at your school.


STEM Outreach YouTube Channel - Visit our YouTube channel! We will be posting various educational series, hosted by teachers and experts!

STEM Rube Goldberg Challenge - Our competition may be over, but you can continue to learn how to create your very own simple machine!

Daily Nature Walks - 2-week daily nature walk activities, provided by Nature Matters Academy. Available in English and Spanish

MindWorks Resources - MindWorks created and collected an activity booklet for afterschool programs to share with the families for educational support and guidance.

Friends of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks - Nature weekly lesson plan created in partnership with Friends of Organ Mountains.

Aggie Play - Here are some simple exercises that you can do with your child at least five times a day. Each day consists of eight activities that could take roughly between 10 and 15 minutes to complete, including the 5 min. stretching warm-up.

Spaceport America Education - Promoting educational involvement in spaceport activities, and education and training of the workforce to develop the skills needed for spaceport operations is part of the mission of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority. We want people of all ages to get excited about space, and to pursue future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

50 Fun Activities for Kids Will Keep Them Entertained for Hours - Test out these DIY projects that'll bust boredom for good.  All Grades

ABCYa - Language arts, math, strategy games, and skill games. Pre K-6th

Arcademics - Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning. Boost student engagement & fact fluency with our free multilayer educational games, math games, language arts games, and more! 1-6th

BrainPOP - Science games, English games, art and music games, engineering games, and math games. 4-8th

Fuel the Brain - High quality educational games, guides and printables that relate to core standards in elementary education.  All Grades

FunBrain - Multiple activities from math to reading. K-8th

K-12 Interactive (Utah Educational Network) - Interactive games including, reading, science, writing, music, brain games, health, and technology. K-12th

Open Culture - Free educational resources such as video lessons, apps, books websites and more.  All Grades

Scholastic Learn at Home - Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. PreK-9th

Sheppard Software - A variety of educational games, activities, quizzes, science games, and many more. K-8th

STEAMsational - If you’re interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, then you’ll love this list of STEM activities for your kids that you can do in the classroom or at home. K-5th

STEM Activities - Different activities for students, science, technology, engineering and math. All Grades

Best Art Websites for Kids - Digital art, activities and lessons.E xpand your imagination by learning about famous works from around the world and doing some creating too! All Grades  

Recycled Bottle Bubble Art with Kids - Art project with plastic bottles. K-5th

Scrap Coloring - A website with coloring activities for kids to engage in art. All Grades

PBS Engineering - Explore different planets in space exploration. K-5th  

161 Science Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now - (No membership required) Enriching documentaries available to watch instantly without a membership. Just click the links and press play. You can also find them on the free PBS Video app on your favorite devices.   

Nick Jr. - Preschool games, Nick Jr. show full episodes, video clips on Nick Jr. PreK-K

PBS Kids - Interactive games and videos for kids. K-5th

Coolmath - Love math? Hate math? Need homework help? This site's for you! 1-7th

Coolmath Games - Different math games to improve math skills! All Grades

Coolmath4kids - This website has a lot of fun math games for students and parents to play. K-8th

Fold Origami from Lined Paper - Different origami instructions using lined paper.  6-12th

Hooda Math - This is a website for math games divided by subject. Students K-12 and math lovers of any age can learn about numbers while having fun. All Grades

IXL Math Practice - IXL is personalized learning. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner. All Grades

Math Careers - Did you ever wonder when you’re going to use math in real life? This website on math careers has more than a few answers!  All Grades

Math Chimp - Free online math games, videos & worksheets. Each math activity is aligned with the Common Core. Enjoy Math Chimp at home or in the classroom! 1-8th 

Math Games - We offer mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, because we believe that mathematics is fun. PreK-8th

Math is Fun - We offer mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, because we believe that mathematics is fun. All Grades

Math Playground - Explore hundreds of free math games. 1-6th

Math Snacks - Educational animations, games, and interactive tools that help middle-school learners better understand math concepts. 4-7th

Multiplication - Memory building strategies, auto-scored quizzes, games, worksheets and more!  K-7th

Mystery Math Town - Mystery Math Town will require you to use all your math skills to save the fireflies! Its available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Numbers League - The numbers league website tasks you with building a team of superheroes to defeat super villains using math! K-5th

Prodigy - The engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform loved by over 50 million students, teachers and admins. No cost, ever.  1-8th

Youcubed at Home - Youcubed has adapted and created brand new activities, updating every week. Their goal is to continue sharing tasks and videos to support math learning at home! All Grades   

12 Best Coding Tools & Resources for Kids - UT Austin has compiled a helpful list of tools and resources to start learning valuable skills for web development.  All Grades - Learn how to build an iPhone game, write your first computer program, draw in JavaScript and much more.  All Grades

Codespark - Self teaching resources for coding. All Grades

Girls Who Code - Girls Who Code is making CS educational activities available for download free of charge, to anyone who wants to access them. All Grades

Disney Junior - Disney games, puzzles and activities for all ages! All Grades  

Epic! - Instantly access 35,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more. K-6th

Funbrain - Games, videos and books for kids. K-8th

Starfall - The program emphasizes exploration, play, and positive reinforcement—encouraging children to become confident and intrinsically motivated in language arts and mathematics. K-3rd 

Starting Harry Potter - Resources for young readers to start exploring the world of Harry Potter. Includes read-along access to the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, quizzes for many book chapters, games, and extension activities. All Grades

Vooks - Animated storybooks for teachers and parents. All Grades

Flinn At-Home Science - Lab demonstration videos, DIY activities, and science explanations for middle and high school students. 6-12th 

NASA STEM @ Home - Building activities, space flight activities, puzzles, and printable board games. K-4th 

Learn 4 Good - interactive science games, educational physics games, chemistry games, biology games, and brain teaser games. K-12th 

AsapSCIENCE - Science videos on various science topics. 5-12th

Tinkercast Podcast - Podcasts about stories in science, technology, and innovation. All Grades

Science Bob - "Science Bob" Pflugfelder is a science teacher, author, maker, and presenter that knows how to share the world of science like never before.  3-12th

Science Buddies - This website has a ton of ideas for science fair projects, project guides, project kits and detailed profiles of STEM careers.  All Grades

Citizen Science Month - Citizen Science Month is an annual effort in April focusing on all things citizen science: amazing discoveries, incredible volunteers, hardworking practitioners, inspiring projects, and anything else citizen science-related!  All Grades

STEM Works - A student focused activity site. Lots of different activities for the students with a section on the different jobs in the STEM fields.  All Grades

NASA Kids' Club - A place to play games and learn about NASA!  All Grades

Science Kids - Learn more with fun science experiments, cool facts, free games, activities, lesson plans, quizzes, videos, photos and science fair project ideas. All Grades

CSI the Experience - Learn forensic science and apply your knowledge. 5-12th

Engineering Go For It (eGFI) - If you’re looking to find more info about engineering and meet students like you, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is all about the latest and greatest in engineering, so come on in and take a look around. 6-12th

Extreme Science - Here you'll find world records in natural science, including earth science and the plant and animal kingdom, as well as extreme weather records, and much more wild, weird, and out-there stuff. K-5th

Lifeboat to Mars - Explore the world of biology with this free online game. In one simulation (Microland) you control hungry microbes. In another (Ecoland), you have to balance out the space station’s ecosystem. K-5th

Wonderville - Wonderville has a little of everything for elementary school students – science experiments, comics, videos, activities on topics such as solar energy and aerial fire-fighting. K-5th

Go Science Kids - Fun and creative science activities for kids. K-5th

Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center - Students will learn about organisms, genotypes, phenotypes and bioinformatics. 5th-12th

Kinetic City - A collection of science experiments, games, activities, and challenges and more! 3-12th 

STEM @ Home Activities - Pitsco's 2019-2020 Elementary STEM catalog shares some great STEM activity ideas, many of which can be slightly modified to use readily available household items. K-5th  

Minecraft - Minecraft is offering some of its popular Minecraft: Education Edition lessons for free in the Minecraft Marketplace until June 30, 2020. All Grades  

Scratch Jr - ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children to create their own interactive stories and games. K-3rd

Tynker - A fantastic website focused on teaching and learning how to code programs. It’s used extensively in the Drone camps and has a lot of lessons for learning the different aspects of object oriented coding. 6-12th

30 Virtual Field Trips - Links with free virtual field trips. Safe Travels! All Grades